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Local Curriculum / Blended Inquiry

Blended inquiry means engaging students effectively across the NZ curriculum in science, social studies, technology and sustainability. It is about planning robust and rigorous inquiries where students are getting hands-on and learning through creating, explaining, comparing, making links through critical thinking and teachers feel confident acting as a guide through the inquiry process. Technology is integrated, classrooms are flipped, students become self managing however they are still carefully scaffolded for success, providing opportunities for deep thinking, use of technology and time to celebrate their learning.

Make the most of your space -

              integrate the NZ curriculum

Make the most of your learning space, whether flexible or single cell using innovative teaching and learning approaches.

I have worked with a number of schools over the last 5 years such as the "Unlimited Learning Space" at Henderson Valley, Blending Inquiry and e-learning  at Hobsonville School and a Deeper thinking focus at Konini School. Here is a sample of some student work on blogs created to support and allow teachers to collaborate. Over time, some work may not be available. 

Check out the ULS blog here

Check out the Hobsonville

 blog here

Connectivism & Constructivism  

Our pedagogical belief regarding inquiry is that there need to be vertical coherence as knowledge links to understanding which needs to be applied and then synthesised. Connectivism means depth can only happen when we work through a process of inquiry that is carefully planned for.  Students need to get hands-on and create, build, invent whether using technology or not in order to show their learning and understanding.  

Blend offers: 

Hands on Workshops - Changing your pedagogical approach to inquiry

On-site inquiry planning support

Effective teaching and learning development alongside teachers

In-class support with modelling / co-teaching and reflective  sessions

Teaching as Inquiry

Teacher Voice

“Using digital technology with the ‘Engage, Enhance, Deepen’ frame of mind has been great. It’s made me question why am I using digital tools and what outcomes I want my learners to achieve. “


“It has been so valuable to observe Tracey  in action so I can keep engagement of the kids in mind.  It's been great focusing on a couple of apps so they can consolidate their learning and use it as a tool for critical thinking”

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Tracey Pacheco 

MOE Accredited  Facilitator 


PG DipEd and 15 years classroom teaching experience

BCom in Marketing & International Business

Postgraduate Certificate Digital & Collaborative Learning

PGCE, 20 years classroom teaching experience, experienced HOD Science.

Nick Bithell

MOE Accredited Facilitator


BSc Hons Experimental Physics

TESSOL Qualified